Does your dog run away? We have the solution!

What to do if the dog runs away from your property?

Does your dog run away from your garden? Does it destroy the flowers in your flower beds? Swim in your pool? The Dogtrace invisible fence will help you solve these problems! The invisible electronic fence is made up of a transmitter, the perimeter wire (which acts as a radio antenna) and one or more collars to be worn by the dog (s). It is possible to fence off an area, create forbidden areas (such as flower beds or swimming pools), avoid crossing a gate … The wire can be hooked to the pre-existing barrier, to the net, to the railing, made to run at the base of the perimeter wall , underground, underwater, inside the hedge … or simply run ashore, wherever you want.

How does it work?

Under normal conditions, the system is in standby. If the dog enters the “warning zone” the collar he is wearing will give him an audible signal. If the dog does not go back and enter the “forbidden zone”, the collar will emit an electrical impulse that will make your four-legged friend desist! The width of both the warning zone and the correction zone is adjustable by the transmitting control unit. Your dog will learn easily and will stay in its confined space. The system can also be used for more dogs, as many as you want: you simply need to buy other collars. The voltage inside the wire does not exceed 12 V so there is no danger if the wire tears. NB The device may not work in the best possible way if there are other sources of radio waves in the vicinity of the transmitting wire. NB It is not possible to use the invisible fence in the simultaneous presence of the “grass cutting robot” system because the two systems conflict and cause damage.


Invisible Anti Escape Fences

Invisible fence d-fence 101

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Invisible Anti Escape Fences

Sixth Sense Invisible Fence


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