Electronic Collars

At first glance, the training method with an electronic impulse collar could also seem bloody and harsh , but let’s try to think: what would be the consequences of a dog chasing a cat in the middle of a road?

Or who at full speed leaves the house or the garden gate and enters the street ruinously?

Or a dog that barks excessively for no reason, thus disturbing you and / or your neighbors, perhaps even causing you some legal problems?

It is therefore clear that to avoid certain dangerous situations we must train and obey our 4-legged friend in the best possible way, but unfortunately either because sometimes we don’t have enough influence on our dog, or because the dog has a too strong and rebellious character , we are unable to obtain the desired results.

Here, in these cases, the application of a small and brief correction is necessary to avoid much more serious problems .

The electrical phenomenon is feared in an ancestral way and above any other phenomenon (such as fire or other) by all mammals, and especially by dogs.

Just think, in fact, that most dogs, even the most courageous, who are not afraid of anything or anyone, are attacked by fear in the event of a storm with lightning and lightning .

The observation that comes spontaneously is therefore that the dog, absolutely fearing this phenomenon, will have unconditional respect for it. In fact, by making careful and appropriate use of this strong and unique deterrent, we will obtain unexpected results in the training of our friends, thus making them obedient and safe for themselves and those around them.

There are still three valid factors that make this training method unique:

  1. Because thanks to the remote control from the palm we stimulate and correct at a distance, and therefore in real time, that is, at the exact moment when the dog is wrong and not after, when he has made a mistake and time has passed.
  2. Because the dog does not connect the punishment to the owner, and this is very important so the dog does not lose faith in the owner.
  3. Because we can intervene and correct even when the dog is hundreds of meters away.

Correct use absolutely does not cause any kind of damage or health problem to the dog.

To give an example, think that an average level of stimulation is comparable to the discharge of electrostatic current, which each of us will have happened to take at the door when getting out of the car.
So completely ridiculous, only annoying, but enough to be an excellent deterrent when needed.

Normally this need does not arise, except in extreme cases, with very stubborn and rebellious subjects.
Should a situation of this type arise, it is advisable to replace and alternate the use of the “real” collar with a “fake” one which will normally be sufficient to achieve the usual purpose, thus avoiding unnecessarily wearing down the real one.
In all other cases, just a day or two of training will suffice, and the dog will calm down.

There is absolutely no need to worry about that!
In fact, the use of the collar must always be done by combining it with a place or environment, for example we will put the collar on our. friend because you do not bark when he is in the car, house, garage or garden, or otherwise, you can rest assured that the dog will no longer bark in those very specific places where with the use of the collar he will have learned to keep quiet.
Consequently, for example, when you take him to the park for a walk, he will express all his joy with a nice woof.

In the most categorical way, no!
In fact it is recommended by the best veterinarians.
As we have already said, the collar has seven levels of adjustment, so by setting the collar to an average level such as 3, the dog will receive an intensity correction comparable to an electrostatic discharge, which each of us will have experienced at his own expense by touching with the hand will take the door out of the car.
Therefore this correction does not cause him any harm, if not a temporary annoyance. It is clearly not recommended to use the collar with puppies under 5 months of age.

Of course, in the unlikely event that the collar accidentally locks up, an internal device will automatically disable it after 10 seconds.

Answer: The two fundamental parameters to keep in mind are: 1- the operating distance to be reached. It ranges from 100 meters up to 3 kilometers. Obviously, to train a dog, for example for defense or to search for truffles, it will be sufficient to buy a collar that reaches a minimum distance. If, on the other hand, you want to train a hunting dog that, for example, chases unwelcome prey such as roe deer, you will have to buy a collar that reaches a greater distance. 2- the other parameter to keep in mind is the number of collars you want to train at the same time: you can train from one to six dogs at the same time depending on the model.

All collars are waterproof. Obviously the waterproofing also depends on the model you choose: there are waterproof models and also totally underwater models.

Yup. Both the collar and the remote control can be replaced thus avoiding the customer having to repurchase the entire system.

Cinomania is a service center, therefore it will be sufficient to send the unit to our address (Cinomania, via Don G.Minzoni, 367, 55100, Lucca) and we will repair or replace it. You will need to attach a brief description of the problem and indicate your address and telephone number. In the event that the appliance is not under warranty, we will send you the cost estimate.


All Cinomania products are issued with a warranty coupon valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty coupon must accompany any product sent to our service center for repair or overhaul.

If you want to know what the cost estimate for a repair is, just indicate it in a note inside the package and we will be happy to let you know.

Just send us the product; we will notify you of the amount of the repair, if you wish we will proceed and send it back to you. You will pay the costs directly to the courier who will deliver the package, cash on delivery.

Technical assistance

The only assistance center for all of Italy is represented by Cinomania, via Don G.Minzoni, 367, 55100, Lucca.

Our technicians are always at your disposal. However, when you call and ask to speak to the service center, we ask you to keep the product at hand so that we can also carry out checks by telephone.

Just contact us by e-mail (info@cinomania.com) and we will send you the lost manual.

If it is not possible to reach us by phone, we invite you to write an e-mail or send us a fax. It will be our pleasure to answer you as soon as possible.

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