Buy what you love now , pay later a little at a time.

With Soisy you can buy a product and dilute the payment in installments, without weighing on your budget at once.

Why the Soisy installment payment is so convenient

Because you pay a little at a time, and it weighs you less. Because you do everything online from your pc or smartphone, without having to go to the bank. Because loans between individuals bypass the bank, and therefore cost you less.

A dedicated area, all yours

With Soisy you will have a personal area where you can check the amortization plan, installments already paid, residual debt and the documents of your installment payment at any time.

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Thanks to the Soisy installment payment, you can defer the payment of all your carts and {brand name / e-commerce} products, with automatic monthly debit from your current account without having to worry about anything.

Fill out the online application in 3 minutes, sign the contract and pay in installments without additional costs and hidden expenses from the month following the purchase.


Choose Soisy at checkout


Choose the number of installments


Sign the contract

You can pay in installments with Soisy if you are a natural person (no loans are granted to legal persons)

  • adult and resident in Italy for at least 3 years
  • with a regular and demonstrable income
  • with good creditworthiness (those who have received reports or protests from credit databases such as CRIF cannot pay in installments with Soisy)
  • with a bank account (you need to indicate an IBAN to which the automatic monthly payment of the installment will be debited, without bulletins or files in the post office).

To pay in installments, have at hand:

  • IBAN of the account to which the installment will be debited
  • identity document
  • health card (only in some cases)

✔️ Payment in installments from smartphone, tablet or PC, conveniently online in just 3 minutes
✔️ You don’t need a card: debit your current account and sign the contract with code via text message
✔️ Zero hidden costs of preliminary investigation, stamps, installment collection or early repayment

Frequent questions

Soisy does not exclude a priori categories of buyers : self-employed, freelancers, employees, temporary workers … everyone can ask for an installment payment in Soisy through an affiliated e-ommerce.

The evaluation process is rigorous but we don’t waste your time: in 1 minute we will give you a quote and in 3 minutes an answer.

However, keep in mind that to obtain a loan with us it is necessary to have:

  • at least 18 years old
  • residence in Italy for at least 3 years
  • good creditworthiness (which means not having reports in credit databases)
  • a regular and demonstrable income
  • an active current account at an Italian bank.
Once you are in the product sheet of one of the e-commerce that offer installment payments with Soisy , put the product in the cart, go to checkout and select Soisy to defer the shopping: from that moment you will be redirected to our site, where you can select the number of installments and enter your tax code; if the outcome is positive, you will have to indicate us and upload as well
  • IBAN to debit monthly payments
  • photo of your front / back identity document
  • photo / selfie with the gesture of the hand that asks you the system
  • photo of the front / back health card

Currently at Soisy we offer the possibility to pay in installments only using your IBAN and not your credit card .

This choice was made for many reasons: first of all the lower circulation of cards compared to current accounts (13.8 million cards vs 45 million current accounts); and above all for security reasons. The IBAN, in fact, is an identification code of a current account through which it is only possible to make payments in favor of the account holder; it is not possible to charge fees or make unauthorized withdrawals starting only from the IBAN.

Here you can read an article from our blog in which we deepen the topic of IBAN and security .

Here you can find the general conditions of the service for those who request to pay in installments with Soisy.

For the payment of the installments you do not have to worry about anything: no postal order, files in the post office and zero paperwork; we will automatically withdraw the installment from the IBAN of the bank account you entered during registration , without you having to do anything.

You will pay the first installment starting 30 days after the purchase.

By entering your personal Soisy area, you can see your amortization plan and the dates of each installment payment at any time.

If you want, you can also repay the loan early , without any penalty or additional cost: write to us at because we have to calculate the residual debt and verify that the next installment has not already been charged to your bank. In short, bureaucratic and boring things, but we take care of them: we will reply by sending you an email with all the details of the amount to be paid by bank transfer.


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